Each lesson is structured around topic areas that relate to real life scenarios whilst incorporating the relevant grammatical framework to build a good knowledge of the language. The topic structure means that you quickly feel confident with the language and phrases for use in everyday situations.


The classes are supported by a programme of homework material that set the context for forthcoming lesson and means that you get the most out of the sessions. Plus you benefit from having material to refer back to as your Spanish improves. This is optional, depending on your availability.


You get comprehensive and a growing set of resources to use in class. All of the class homework, class notes etc. are contained in Google Docs structured around topic areas and by level. You are also provided with supplementary learning resources such as additional reading material, audio files and video content to compliment the topics.


Focused on fluency.  In these classes the language flows naturally. They challenge you to think flexibly about your use of Spanish. During these free-flowing conversations I take notes and give feedback afterwards so we can discuss the language points such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc. This style practice and learning is great preparation for real-world conversations where the topics are unstructured.